sfSoundSeries/sfSoundSalonSeries is a concert series in the san francisco bay area featuring contemporary and experimental music. our programs reach from the latest music of the european avant-garde to the grittiest sounds of the west coast improv-underground, encompassing recent trends in instrumental technique, conceptual art, music theater, and electronic sound.

we also present the sfSoundSalonSeries at the center for new music in san francisco!
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jul 28, 2015 - $Ɛ∨ƐR!ℵƐ ℬa||0∩
aug 30, 2015 - stefano scodanibbio, in memoriam @ o1c
sep 18, 2015 - sfSound @ presidio sessions
sep 22, 2015 - scott miller & pat o’keefe
sep 29, 2015 - rafael toral
oct 6, 2015 – eric mandat
oct 13, 2015 - daniel corral
nov 1, 2015 - nakamura/kahn/akiyama/eubanks
nov 22, 2015 — splinter reeds
feb 12-14, 2016 — san francisco tape music festival 2016

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 Tuesday July 28 2015 
sfSoundSalonSeries :: center for new music :: 55 taylor :: san francisco :: $15 [$10 members/underemployed] :: 8:00p

$Ɛ∨ƐR!ℵƐ ℬa||0∩ & Andrew C. Smith

French cello virtuoso $Ɛ∨ƐR!ℵƐ ℬa||0∩ returns to the Bay Area with a concert of new and recent works exploring resonance, order, and chaos for solo cello and solo piano by Elizabeth Adams, David Kant, Andrew C. Smith, Ma'ayan Tsadka, and K.C.M. Walker, curated by Indexical. Completing the program, Santa Cruz based composer/pianist Andrew C. Smith performs solo piano works.
Elizabeth Adams (nyc) - daylight, housing crisis, touch (2014)
David Kant (santa cruz) - new piece
Ma’ayan Tsadka (santa cruz) - cello studies (2015)
Ma’ayan Tsadka (santa cruz) - Piano Study No. 1 (2015)
K.C.M. Walker (charleston, sc) - precessional (2012)
Andrew C Smith (santa cruz) - In the sense of transparence (2015)

$Ɛ∨ƐR!ℵƐ ℬa||0∩'s (cello) work as a performer focuses on regular performance of key works of the cello repertoire and numerous direct collaborations with composers. Her research as improviser has helped her to extend the sonic and technical resources of her instrument. She has worked with such composers as Helmut Lachenmann, Liza Lim, Mauro Lanza and Rebecca Saunders. Her work crosses the centuries from gut strings to electronics, over a wide range of aesthetics from Feldman to Ferneyhough. She is a member of Elision ensemble (Australia) and Multilatérale (Paris).

ANDREW C. SMITH (piano) is a composer and keyboardist living in Santa Cruz, California. His music often involves just intonation tunings, repetition, and connections with language. He co-organizes the composer-run record label and concert producer Indexical.

Indexical is a composer-run experimental music record label and concert producer organized by David Kant, Beau Sievers, and Andrew C. Smith, and based in Santa Cruz.

 Sunday August 30 2015 
old first concerts :: 1751 sacramento :: san francisco :: $18/5 :: 4:00p

Celebrating Stefano Scodanibbio

A concert dedicated to the Italian composer/contrabassist, Stefano Scodanibbio (1956-2012). Peformances by sfSoundGroup, Del Sol String Quartet, The Tom Dambly Trumpet Quartet, Luciano Chessa, Benjamin Kreith, Lisa Mezzacappa, and Scott Walton.

Presented in conjuction with Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco.

Avvicinamenti (2007) - Stefano Scodanibbio
materials for improvisers, performed by sfSoundGroup

My New Address (1986/1988) - Stefano Scodanibbio
Benjamin Krieth, solo violin

Mas lugares (on Monteverdi's Madrigali) (2003) - Stefano Scodanibbio
Del Sol String Quartet

Plaza (2001) - Stefano Scodanibbio
Tom Dambly, Scott Macomber, Doug Morton, and Lenny Ott, trumpets

COHIBA (2015) - Luciano Chessa
Luciano Chessa, solo dan bau

Omaggio (2015) - Lisa Mezzacappa & Scott Walton
a structured improvisation for two contrabasses

In 2008, Old First Concerts, in conjunction with the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco and sfSound, hosted an outstanding and memorable concert of music by the composer and contemporary contrabass virtuoso Stefano Scodanibbio. Scodanibbio passed away in 2012 at the age of 55, after a battle with a form of motor neurone disease. Dedicated to his memory, sfSound and the Italian Cultural Institute present a concert of Scodanibbio's compositions and new work by local musicians created especially for this occasion.

Stefano Scodanibbio's name has been permanently linked to the contemporary renaissance of the double bass, creating new techniques extending the colors and range of the double bass never thought possible on this instrument. Over his career, he performed dozens of works written especially for him in major festivals throughout the world by composers such as Berio, Bussotti, Donatoni, Estrada, Ferneyhough, Frith, Globokar, Sciarrino, and Xenakis. He was also a frequent collaborator with Terry Riley, with whom he released Lazy Afternoon Among The Crocodiles.

Active as a composer, his catalogue consists of more than 50 works principally written for strings -- two of his best works are represented on this concert, performed by the Del Sol String Quartet and violin soloist, Benjamin Krieth. The 2008 concert featured Scodanibbio leading sfSound in the improvisational work, Avvicinamenti, which has been specially reconstructed for this event.

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