sfSoundSeries/sfSoundSalonSeries is a concert series in the san francisco bay area featuring contemporary and experimental music. our programs reach from the latest music of the european avant-garde to the grittiest sounds of the west coast improv-underground, encompassing recent trends in instrumental technique, conceptual art, music theater, and electronic sound.

we also present the sfSoundSalonSeries at the center for new music in san francisco!
upcoming concerts

oct 6, 2015 – eric mandat
oct 13, 2015 - daniel corral & brendan lai-tong
nov 1, 2015 - nakamura/kahn/akiyama/eubanks
nov 22, 2015 — sfsound & splinter reeds !!cd releases!!
jan 8-10, 2016 - san francisco tape music festival 2016
jan 27, 2016 - john krausbauer

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 Tuesday October 6 2015 
sfSoundSalonSeries :: center for new music :: 55 taylor :: san francisco :: $15 [$10 members/underemployed] :: 7:49p

Eric Mandat and friends

Mixed improvisations and compositions featuring clarinetist and extended technique pioneer Eric Mandat,
along with Tom Djll, John McCowen, Gino Robair, and members of sfSoundGroup.

Rrowzer! (2005)
A grouchy old dog snarls at passers-by riding on waves in a cauldron of tumult.

Before the Breath of Spring (2015)
The mountains stand in silent witness to ongoing transformations within waiting worlds.

Infinite Edges (2015)
Traversing the plane between parallelism and divergence, the moment between experience and memory, the thread joining earth and sky, and the twinness of chirality.

Improvisations (2015)
with friends, old and new.

For more than 35 years, clarinetist/composer ERIC MANDAT has been at the forefront of clarinet extended performance techniques exploration, particularly multiphonics, microtones, and timbral modulations. Through his numerous performances, compositions, and master classes worldwide, Eric has had a profound influence on the way an entire generation of clarinetists approaches playing their instrument. The Chicago Reader writes, “Mandat is exploring new worlds…with a unique combination of virtuosity and a creative use of multiphonics...he uses them to create highly personal and expressive compositions that...are loaded with musical meaning.” Writing for the Village Voice, Kyle Gann notes the “suave physicality” of Eric’s presence as a performer, and finds his style to be “riveting.” The Clarinet states that his “process at writing and playing is bound to leave any listener in awe… (One) is constantly challenged and surprised by gorgeous tone color changes, exciting rhythmic action and 21st century clarinetistry.”

Eric is recipient of numerous honors and awards for his innovative and groundbreaking contributions to contemporary clarinet music, including multiple Illinois Arts Council Artist Fellowships for Composition. He received the 1999 Southern Illinois University Outstanding Scholar Award, the university’s highest honor for research/creative work. In addition to his work as a soloist and composer, Eric has enjoyed an extremely diverse performance career as a chamber musician and collaborator. He has been a member of the Chicago Symphony’s MusicNOW ensemble since 2000, working with eminent composer/conductors such as Pierre Boulez and Esa-Pekka Salonen. Since 1989, Eric has been a member of Tone Road Ramblers, an eclectic sextet specializing in improvisation and experimental music. Option magazine finds the Ramblers’ work “filled with wit, joy and creative sparkle.” Additionally, Eric has performed with many improvisers, including Gino Robair, Michael Zerang, James Falzone, and Francois Houle.

Eric Mandat received his education at the University of North Texas, the Yale School of Music, and the Eastman School of Music. He is Professor of Music and Distinguished Scholar at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he teaches clarinet and graduate courses in musical analysis. Eric Mandat is a Buffet Group USA performing artist and clinician.

 Tuesday October 13 2015 
sfSoundSalonSeries :: center for new music :: 55 taylor :: san francisco :: $15 [$10 members/underemployed] :: 7:49p

Daniel Corral + sfSoundGroup featuring Brendan Lai-Tong

DANIEL CORRAL performs Diamond Pulses, a 32-minute musical experience combining just-tuned harmonies, driving minimalist rhythms, noisy ambiance, and electronic timbres.

DANIEL CORRAL is a composer and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska. His music is a rich collusion of styles, constantly blurring the boundaries between the familiar and foreign, mirroring the diasporic evolution of cultural identity in the twenty-first. His unique voice finds outlet in puppet operas, accordion orchestras, handmade music boxes, electronic collages, site-specific installations, chamber music, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Corral’s music has gained great attention in Los Angeles, being commissioned and presented by venues such as REDCAT, The Hammer Museum, MOCA, USC’s Thornton School of Music, CSUN’s Mike Curb College of Arts, The Pianospheres Series, and The Santa Monica GLOW Festival. He writes, arranges, and performs with numerous music groups, including Timur & The Dime Museum, Killsonic, Free Reed Conspiracy, and Tears of the Moosechaser. Corral received his MFA from Calarts, where he studied with James Tenney, Anne LeBaron, and Morton Subotnick.

sfSoundGroup's opening set will feature trombonist BRENDAN LAI-TONG, performing frenetically virtuosic solo pieces by Brian Lynn and Christian Lindberg.

Doolallynastics - A brief torture for trombone (Lynn)  combines classical, jazz and extended trombone technique elements into a virtuosic workout for the trombonist. The word "doolally", derived from the original term "doolally tap", means out of one's mind, irrational, deranged, or insane. The piece was written for John Kenny, a British trombonist, actor, composer and multi-faceted performer of contemporary solo repertoire, modern jazz and early music.

BRIAN LYNN was born in 1954 in Hornchurch, Essex. At the age of five he began playing the violin and at eleven years old, entered the Junior Royal Academy of Music. Brian’s interest in the trombone began at this time and it soon became his first study instrument. He achieved his LRAM at the early age of 17. Brian was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain for three years and studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama under Denis Wick and Peter Gane. He then worked for Scottish Opera, Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Kent Opera while free lancing with major British orchestras.

Kokakoka (Lindberg) for solo trombone is a three part invention for a trombonist, voice and foot. The piece is inspired by a children's language called the bandidos language and kokakoka means cookie. The piece unfolds in three short movements, the first of which can be played separately. The piece makes extensive use of multi phonics and sung syllables.

CHRISTIAN LINDBERG'S (b. 1958) achievements for the trombone can only be compared with those of Paganini for the violin or Liszt for the piano. Having premiered over 300 works for the trombone (including more than 30 composed by Christian himself), recorded over 70 solo CDs, and having an international solo competition created in his name in Valencia, Spain, Christian Lindberg is today nothing less than a living legend. Lindberg took up the trombone at 17 inspired by the jazz trombonist Jack Teagarden. At 18 he gained admission to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and after having played for only two years he got a position as trombonist in the orchestra of the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. At 20 he left the orchestra, and has since built up a unique and impressive career as the first trombone soloist in history, as well as embarking on two new enormously successful careers as conductor and composer.

BRENDAN LAI-TONG is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (MM) and the University of Miami (BM). He received his formal musical education under Mark Lawrence, principal trombonist of the San Francisco Symphony; and Tim Conner and Hugh Harbison, the principal and bass trombonists of the Florida Philharmonic. Brendan is a recent addition to the sfSound roster and is active as a freelancer in the Bay Area performing with various groups including the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players, Oakland East Bay Symphony and the Sacramento Philharmonic, Opera San Jose and more.

 Sunday November 1 2015 
sfSoundSalonSeries :: center for new music :: 55 taylor :: san francisco :: $15 [$10 members/underemployed] :: 7:49p

Tetuzi Akiyama / Bryan Eubanks / Jason Kahn / Toshimaru Nakamura

Meeting together for the first time on a 16-date U.S. tour, Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar), Bryan Eubanks (saxophone, electronics), Jason Kahn (drums, percussion), and Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board) fuses free improvisation, noise, experimental electronics and the uncategorizable in a fresh and vibrant approach to group playing and spontaneous music creation.

Tetuzi Akiyama is one of Japan's most active experimental guitarists. He manages to successfully bridge many directions in his music, ranging from Texas boogie and free noise to highly restrained acoustic work.

Toshimaru Nakamura has made a name for himself since the late 1990's in improvised and experimental electronic music with his use of the no-input mixing board, an instrument yielding a wide range of sonic possibilities within the framework of a chaotic feedback system he has developed over many solo and collaborative concerts.

Bryan Eubanks is active as a composer of electronic music and as an improviser. He plays the soprano saxophone both as acoustic instrument and as part of a unique feedback system built and designed by himself, using open circuit boards and custom analog circuitry.

On drum set, Jason Kahn's playing swings across a wide spectrum of approaches, ranging from ecstatic propulsion and rhythmic drive to abstract sound textures using a variety of found metal objects and cymbals.

Supported by the Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program.

 Sunday November 22 2015 
sfSoundSalonSeries :: center for new music :: 55 taylor :: san francisco :: $15 [$10 members/underemployed] :: 7:49p

Splinter Reeds

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