The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2011
January 7-9, 2011

Southside Theater
Fort Mason Center
Building D (3rd Floor)
Buchanan & Marina Blvd
San Francisco

$15 [$8 underemployed] each night
$30 festival pass

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( general admission and festival passes only )
All tickets sold at the door - Box office opens 7:15pm

America's only festival devoted to the performance of audio works projected in three-dimensional space, The San Francisco Tape Music Festival returns this January! Curated by sfSound's San Francisco Tape Music Collective, the festival features three distinct evenings of classic audio art and new fixed media compositions by 20 local and international composers. The collective is one of the major proponents of live sound projection, and the members, along with guest composers, will be shaping the sound live over a pristine surround system consisting of 16+ speakers while the audience is seated in complete darkness. It's a unique opportunity to experience music forming - literally - around you.

This year features a special appearance by sound diffusion guru, Jonty Harrison, visiting from Birmingham, England. Harrison is the director of BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theater), which for the past three decades has perfected the art of live surround-sound diffusion. For the festival's Sunday concert, Harrison will present a retrospective of his works spanning from 1982 to 2004. This is a rare opportunity to experience a master at work, and should not be missed!

The two other concerts on the festival feature a diverse range of music the festival is known for: a rarely heard early work by Pierre Boulez; well-known masterpieces by Jean-Claude Risset, and Francis Dhomont; a turntable-based piece by sound artist Christian Marclay; modern acousmatic works by international composers Adrian Moore, Dixie Treichel, Donal Sarsfield, and Ilya Y. Rostovstev; and a few experimental cuts from the 80's electro-pop group, The Art of Noise.

The festival is also remembering the work of German avant garde composer Mauricio Kagel and American sound-structalist Maryanne Amacher, both extremely talented and important composers that the tape music community recently lost.

As in past festivals, this year features new works by a diverse selection of local music, including field-recording based pieces by Paul Dresher, Thom Blum, Cliff Caruthers, and Heather Frasch; noise-works by bran(...)pos and Kyle Bruckmann; and acousmatic pieces by Silvia Matheus and Matt Ingalls.

The annual San Francisco Tape Music Festival -- It's cinema for your ears!

Mauricio Kagel - Antithèse (1962)
Jean-Claude Risset - Sud (1985)
Christian Marclay - Jukebox Capriccio (1985)
Paul Dresher - Other Fire (1984)
bran(...)pos - Pinball Paneer 2 (2010)
Silvia Matheus - Crossings (2006)
Adrian Moore - Superstrings (1999)

Pierre Boulez - Étude (1951)
The Art of Noise - Daft (1983)
Maryanne Amacher - Synaptic Island (excerpt) (1998)
Francis Dhomont - Vol d'arondes (2001)
Thom Blum - Post from Rajasthan (2007)
Kyle Bruckmann - Orgone Accelerator (2010)
Cliff Caruthers - Open Door (2011)
Matt Ingalls - poem (2011)
Heather Frasch - Sonic Postcard: Philly (2010)
Ilya Y. Rostovtsev - Understatements.[i] (2010)
Donal Sarsfield - Of Noise Alone (2010)
Dixie Treichel - Interstellar Espionage (2007)

Jonty Harrison IN PERSON!!!
diffusing a concert of his own works:
Klang (1982) ainsi de suite... (1992)
Rock'n'Roll (2004)
Streams (1999)
Hot Air (1995)

Throughout the festival, visual artist Aaron Finnis will be showcasing a new series
of artwork using magnetized computer data tape on paper in the lobby gallery space of the Southside Theater.

funded in part by The San Francisco Grants for the Arts and The Aaron Copland Fund for Music
equipment provided by The Paul Dresher Ensemble and Meyer Sound
"co-present" sponsorship by KFJC 89.7 FM


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