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of rivers (2024)

New Focus Recordings fcr399 | Bandcamp
Recital CD including The Mutiny of Rivers (2008) for English horn and electronics, performed by EKG.

Triangulations (2020)

Liber Pulveris Recordings | Bandcamp
Recital CD including Triangulation (2008) for solo khaen, performed by Christopher Adler.

The Celebrity Veto (2020)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
Electronic constructions made by Bridges of Königsberg through a variety of structured, idiosyncratic collaborative processes. With David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

Shine (2018)

Chen Li CLM106 | Apple Music
Recital CD/DVD including Knot Theory I (2010) for bass flute, performed by Lisa Cella with video by Stephen Bradley.

Diamorpha (2016)

Centaur CRC 3541 | Apple Music
Recital CD including Roulettes (2013) for alto saxophone and crotales, performed by the Bent Frequency Duo Project.

Eos (2016)

Innova 967 | Apple Music
Recital CD including Newton's Rings (2012) for solo percussion with electronics, performed by Zeitgeist percussionist Patti Cudd.

Melting the Darkness (2014)

Urlicht AudioVisual CD | Apple Music
Recital CD including Come Ricordi Come Sogni Come Echi (2011) for solo violin, performed by Miranda Cuckson. Peter Margasak writes "...the six-part Come Ricordi Come Echi Come Sogni by Christopher Burns - written as a response to the late Luigi Nono masterpiece La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura, which [he and Cuckson] worked extensively on together - is a gripping study of the many frictive, textured sounds used in the original piece." (Downbeat, March 2015)

This Place/Our Body (2013)

Blue Leaf Records 2xLP
Double vinyl recital LP including Second Language (2005) for snare drum and hi-hat, performed by percussionist Morris Palter.

Agents Against Agency (2011)

Ecosono DVD
Compilation DVD including Before The Seiche, a multimedia work (video + 5.1 surround audio) made in collaboration with David Dinnell.

Triptych (2009)

Innova 761 | Apple Music
Solo CD documenting the music from Triptych, an evening-length multimedia project created in collaboration with Luc Vanier and Leslie Vansen. Features recordings of three percussion works by longtime collaborator Christopher Froh, along with two electroacoustic compositions.

<541> volume 1

Innova 635 | Apple Music
Compilation CD including Xerox Book, nine miniatures for piano and percussion, performed by Christopher Froh and Ann Yi.


Luigi Nono La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (2013)

Urlicht AudioVisual | Apple Music
2-disc set with stereo and 5.1 surround-sound versions of the Italian composer's late masterwork, by Miranda Cuckson (violin) and Christopher Burns (electronics). Named as a "Best Classical Music Recording of 2012" and described as "powerful, strikingly raw... [a] thoughtful, thrilling recording" by the New York Times.


Bridges of Königsberg The Shenanigans-to-Tomfoolery Continuum (2023)

Rubber City Noise | Bandcamp
"Primordial and progressive, plain-spoken and deviously complex, raw and polished, lo-fi and high-tech — Bridges of Königsberg gleefully collapse distinctions and confound genres in their latest opus." With David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

househusbands (2023)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
An EP of patient and intimate electronic music, improvised together with composer/guitarist Carlos Cotallo Solares.

FTAM-100 (2023)

FTAM | Bandcamp
Experimental music compilation including a new Bridges of Königsberg track, "The Committee for Risk Mitigation," made in collaboration with David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

neural goldberg Still Life With Juggling Brick (2022)

FTAM | Bandcamp
The first CD release from neural goldberg. "An intense, idiosyncratic dialogue, reflecting the merged aesthetics of Christopher Burns and J. Soliday. Laden with twists and turns, these electronic improvisations further establish the duo’s distinctive voice: noisy, playful, dissonant, layered, unpredictable, energetic, and with a keen sense of humor."

neural goldberg a single grawlix (2022)

Crank Satori | Bandcamp
An EP recorded in September and November 2021, and perhaps neural goldberg's slowest and strangest venture into generative music-making yet. Part of an ongoing collaboration with J. Soliday.

neural goldberg strange and marvelous turtles of happiness (2021)

Crank Satori | Bandcamp
Recorded in the same sessions as doppler doppelgänger, and using the dialog between our generative electronic systems to range ever more widely across the musical cosmos. Made in collaboration with J. Soliday.

neural goldberg doppler doppelgänger (2021)

Crank Satori | Bandcamp
The follow-up to Flash Fouls, doppler doppelgänger sees Christopher and J. Soliday go deeper into the pairing of their respective generative audio systems, finding kaleidoscopic variety and a newfound sense of spaciousness.

Perception (2021)

JMY | Bandcamp
Experimental music compilation including a new neural goldberg track, "Fluidic, Bubble Wrap, Roller Torque, Arborization," made in collaboration with J. Soliday.

Manifest (2021)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
Solo electronic improvisations exploring combinations of speed and stasis, repetition and variation. Some aspects of the music race forward at high velocity, while other elements move slowly, or not at all. The tracks make use of delay and echo in acoustically improbable ways, with sounds pivoting suddenly from dry clarity to cathedral reverberation or even looped reprise. Sped up and yet stuck in place, uncanny and occasionally unstable, Manifest reflects its moment.

neural goldberg Flash Fouls (2020)

Crank Satori | Bandcamp
"J. Soliday performs with a modular synthesizer laden with enough feedback paths and complexity to produce unpredictably evolving sound; meanwhile, Christopher performs using custom software that spins out continuously developing variations on a theme. Call it 'supervised machine improvisation,' perhaps: it feels like the electronics propose ideas, while the human performers listen and communicate by nudging and influencing the direction of the machines. Their opening salvo, Flash Fouls, is brimming with gritty sounds and densely layered textures – but also with double handfuls of humor, joy, and rhythmic vigor."

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand HDTH AND, part 1 (2020)

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand | Bandcamp
New performances by the Seattle improv stalwarts with interpolations from a rotating cast of collaborators; I contributed improvised electronic interpolations which appear on track 4, "Riot Cake."

Bridges of Königsberg The Buster Keaton Maneuver (2020)

FTAM | Bandcamp
"Four tightly wound bursts of electricity: half-scream, half-celebration." With David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

Moth Bucket / Bridges of Königsberg split (2020)

Orb Tapes OT_104 | Bandcamp
Live mayhem from Bridges of Königsberg, from a scorching April 2019 date in Milwaukee. With David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

Bridges of Königsberg Considered Parallel to Borders (or Dividers) (2019)

Flag Day Recordings FDR23 | Bandcamp
"If Mendacity, the last full length from the group, showed them at their most polished, Considered brings them back to a heavier and more raw state. It's a dynamic and wild ride." With David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

Tanngrisnir Upstream (2018)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
Studio improvisations by Tanngrisnir, with Trevor Saint (glockenspiel), plus a set of "remixes" that reconfigure improvised tracks into glitched-out, pattern-driven, mesmerizing new forms. Inspired by our Archipelago project, we made a number of music videos for Upstream, for the tracks "'We Know No Other Way'," "Chain," and "Copper."

Bridges of Königsberg Mendacity (2018)

4GRE067 | Bandcamp
Bridges of Königsberg studio album, blending harsh noise cut-ups, modular synthesis drones, and broken techno beats into a richly weird melange. With David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

Bridges of Königsberg The Lawrence Sessions (2016)

Self-released | Bandcamp
Live recordings from Bridges of Königsberg's October 2016 mini-tour of the Upper Midwest. Featuring David Collins and Peter J. Woods.

Bridges of Königsberg The Lawrence Tapes (2016)

Phage Tapes PT225 | Bandcamp
Bridges of Königsberg (with David Collins and Peter J. Woods) present their signature blend of electroacoustic mayhem.

Scrawl Containing Only Magnitudes (2015)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
Improvised duos for amplified palettes and electric guitar, performed through a dense and continuously shifting tapestry of live electronic processing, with Hal Rammel.

Scrawl Flares (2015)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
An EP of improvised miniatures for amplified palettes and electric guitar, with Hal Rammel.

Bridges of Königsberg Fortifications (2014)

FTAM 054 | Bandcamp
Trio cassette by Bridges of Königsberg (with David Collins and Peter J. Woods): rhythmic, noisy improvisations with analog and digital electronics. Described as "the experimental music equivalent of shuffling several decks of cards - playing, Tarot, Uno, maybe Oblique Strategies, too - at blinding speeds... destined to melt faces" by Ray Cummings in the Village Voice.

Scrawl (2013)

Penumbra Music CD018 | purchase at Squidco
Duo CD featuring improvisations for electric guitar and amplified percussion, with musician, artist, and instrument builder Hal Rammel.

Minor Vices Misdemeanors (2013)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
An alphabet of twenty-six constraints, challenges, and puzzles, designed to structure brief ensemble improvisations. Performed by the Milwaukee-based septet Minor Vices, with Adam Murphy, Amanda Schoofs, David Collins, Kevin Schlei, Seth Warren-Crow, and Trevor Saint.

Skøefst Cadmium Dust (2013)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
Improvisations by Skøefst, a trio with Trevor Saint (glockenspiel) and Amanda Schoofs (voice and electronics), featuring looping, twisted polyrhythms, obsessive repetition and fragmentation, metallic, clattering textures, and guitar and voice as percussive elements.

Xenoglossia (2013)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
Polyrhythmic and densely layered single-take electroacoustic improvisations.

Wild Fermentation (2012)

Universal Reptile | Bandcamp
Solo guitar improvisations post-processed by glitchy generative electronics.

Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra Live at Woodland Pattern (2009)

MPRNTBL 011 | no longer available
Three improvisations by MiLO, performed May 17, 2009.

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