Drawing on an extraordinary roster of Bay Area musicians, sfSoundGroup is the main performing group of the sfSoundSeries.
Our virtuoso instrumentalists are all composers in their own right -- offering a diverse range of talents including skilled improvisation,
performance art, computer audio programming, university-level music scholarship, instrument making, didjeridu playing, and styrofoam bowing.

Kyle Bruckmann oboe

Matt Ingalls clarinet

John Ingle saxophone, conductor

Tom Dambly trumpet

Brendan Lai-Tong trombone

Hadley McCarroll piano, voice

Ben Kreith violin

Monica Scott cello

frequent collaborators
Diane Grubbe flute
Stacey Pelinka flute
Kjell Nordeson percussion
Mark Clifford percussion
Lisa Mezzacappa bass
Erik Ulman violin, contributing director   
Christopher Jones piano, conductor, bassoon, contributing director   
Christopher Burns electronics, contributing director   
David Bithell trumpet, contributing director   
Oren Boneh contributing director   
Selim Göncü contributing director   

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